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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take Me Home Tonight (2011)

  • Not rated
  • 97 mins
  • HD
  • I rated it 3 stars (Liked it)

Initial Thoughts: 
I have a strong distaste for Topher Grace, only because the nerd calls himself Topher; we get it super-cool-movie-guy, you're original. That being said, I thought Dan Fogler (the fat guy) did a great job in Balls of Fury. It can't be worse than Buried, so let's give it a shot.

SPOILER ALERT: Topher plays a nerd! A nerd who went to MIT and can't figure out what he wants to do with his life, so he does the rational thing and moves back home to LA and works in a Suncoast video. I couldn't make this crap up. The hot girl that he's had a crush on since middle school comes in and, after standard comedy fluff, invites him to a party. The same party being thrown by his sister's popular boyfriend. I'm bored already.

Enter Dan Fogler, like a thunderbolt from Zeus. Fogler, that perfect combination of sweaty greasebag and John Candy loveableness, prods the sissified Grace into going.

They get there and it's high school all over again. Everyone else is perfectly awesome and cool and probably going to score, they on the other hand can't complete a sentence in the same zip code as a breathing female. Classic and tired comedy rules apply: Topher lies to impress the Kristen Stewart look-a-like. She begins to like him because he's different from the average jerk-off she dates. Stuff happens. She finds out he lied. Fogler bags the hottest woman in the movie. Topher has a come-to-Jesus moment, and conjures manhood out of the dreams and the carcass of the little girl body he inhabits. Fin.

It's not bad. A little campy and cheesy and predictable, but not the worst movie I've seen. My favorite part is where he lies and says he works for Goldman Sachs. I can just see every preening jerk that works there secretly patting themselves on the back; no self-respecting Goldman guy would claim it out loud.

Watch it for nothing more than Fogler.


  1. At first glance it looks like a massive chick flick but it seems I was wrong, nice blog by the way.

  2. Following :) ! you have to watch out on netflix sometimes there's some really bad movies lol

  3. Yea, I thought about seeing this when it came out, but I probably won't now. Thanks for the review, I'll be following.

  4. saw it, thought it was ok. It seemed weird that the studio shelved this movie in the can for about a year and a half before release