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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Morning Glory (2010)

  • Rated: PG-13
  • 107 mins
  • HD
  • I rated 3 stars (Liked It)
Initial Thoughts:
Honestly, this was not my pick. My girlfriend had annexed the remote and this is what she put on, along with nearly fifteen similar movies in the queue. She said that it's a Rachel McAdams film so I guess that's good enough.

Beautiful and sexy McAdams just happens to an uptight and boring TV producer given a shot at the big time.

The only problem is she's been given the reins of the worst morning show on TV, notorious even for being a black hole, sucking careers and lives into oblivion.

McAdam's first day on the job reads like a check list for a Banana Republic, though our wide eyed heroin, trained by years of overachieving, sees potential and plods along.

Her biggest coup is to get the venerable Harrison Ford to join the morning show. Ford's character is an award winning field journalist and nightly anchor stuck in a contract fight with nothing to do but collect paychecks. McAdams strong-arms Ford into taking the job, but he's not enthused.

Ford joins a very old looking Diane Keaton, it's apparent they had relations in the past, and the fireworks go off immediately. McAdams' job is in serious jeopardy.

Ford continues to bemoan his current station in life, reminding everyone within earshot how famous and great he is; McAdams desperately  tries to win him over.

Slowly her plan starts to work. All the while the show's ratings climb out of the toilet. Finally she's offered her dream job.

Conflicted, after assessing the current show's situation, she takes the interview.

Ford hears that she's leaving, and stops pretending he doesn't care, and wins her back.

It's really not a bad film. It's not something I would go see in the theater, but fun to watch. A grumpy Harrison Ford makes me a happy boy. I guess I'm getting old. 


  1. So i'm guessing well see a lot of chick flick reviews in the future? lol

    Good read either way.

    1. Hopefully not lol. I'll try and spread them out.

  2. Great idea for a blog, man! I always wondered about all the strange, unknown movies that I tend to skip over while I browse Netflix. Hopefully you make some good finds! Rachel McAdams is a babe btw haha

  3. maybe my girlfriend will like this one, ill watch it with her :b

  4. Haha. Sounds great. I think that guys have to watch few chick flicks in time to time just to see what girls expect from us.

  5. I really like McAdams, I'll have to watch this sometime

  6. Is not my kind of movies really, I suppose it's better to see with a girlfriend.

  7. "annexed the remote" haha! My gf made me watch this too- but it wasn't too bad

  8. Meh, i don't like movies like these..

  9. Harrison ford fits the perfect archetypal grumpy old guy.

  10. i remember seeing the previews for this. Seemed like a paycheck movie for all involved. Well made, but dull

  11. Not my time of movie as well, haha! Thanks for the review so I'll know to stay away :D

  12. definitely a more feminine movie
    but worth the entire thing for one great pile of fan service

  13. Thanks for joining my blog! And I think your idea of a Netflix a day is a good one. I netflix, too, so I'll stay tuned for what you have to say. Morning Glory is in our cue.

    I gave you a shout-out on my blog today! :)

  14. I remember seeing Morning Glory last year. It was an ok movie.

  15. I love movies, just not this one! Now following!

  16. I love this movie! Very sweet and fun.