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Monday, January 16, 2012

Fallen (1998)

  • Rated R
  • 124 mins
  • HD
  • I rated 4 stars (Really Liked It)
Initial Thoughts:
I've always been a little curious about this film; I remember a whole lot of buzz about it when it came out, but never knew much about it. Denzel was the biggest thing since sliced bread back then, but I never got around to seeing this one. As you might remember from Red State, I'm quite partial to John Goodman, so I thought I'd give it a go.  

The film begins with Denzel as a tough, but inscrutable detective witnessing the execution of his biggest catch do date. From the onset we're clued into the supernatural element underpinning the movie.

The bad guy dies, but the demonic spirit residing in him is released. It seems that the freshly dead serial killer, was in fact an all-around nice guy who probably loved kittens; the heinous murders committed by him were the work of a fallen angel.

The fallen angel, named Azazel, wants to take over Denzel, but it seems Denzel is too pure to succumb easily (by touch) and must be taken when the demon is in spirit form (it sounds dumb and tedious, but is actually played out well in the film).

Murders keep happening, and  all signs point to Denzel. John Goodman, being an all-around awesome individual, remains his trusted partner and confidant. Eventually, Denzel figures out the game with the help of a severely unattractive women, and the story moves to resolution.

Denzel figures out how he could kill the fallen angel (???) and puts the plan in motion. Shockingly that plan goes to pot, and the end turns out perfectly.

It's so rare to see a standard film end so beautifully. I honestly can't remember the last time I really enjoyed a story's resolution.


Fallen is a standard "company" film, but I cannot say enough about how they decided to end the film. Wonderful change of pace, and it re-affirms my belief that there are really good films out there. Goodman does an admirable job as the side-kick, and Donald Sutherland makes an appearance. Tony Soprano plays a dirtbag cop, making it that much better. The soundtrack isn't bad either. All-in-all, good film.


  1. John Goodman is actually really awesome in almost every role. He's like just over the top enough. BTW, I really do love your site. It can get tedious trying to wade through all of the garbage on netflix instant.

  2. I didnt saw this move before, ill watch thanks for recomendation!

  3. Must check ! good review, following !

  4. It was a great movie. I like Denzel Washington.
    You should maybe check out Man on Fire if you already haven`t.

  5. haha i love the title and description of your blog, i wish i had your job. i might smoke a bit of weed on the side ;)
    following +1

  6. My mom loves Denzel, I'll have to show her this film.

  7. Adding to my weekly watch-list. Thanks :D

  8. Not sure on the whole demonic thing, kinda freaks me out a bit lol, but might have to give this a go, cause I love John Goodman, following for more movies :))

    & Lol @ Tracer Bullet, nice idea :)