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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

After.Life (2009)

  • Rated R
  • 103 mins
  • HD
  • I rated 3 stars (Liked It)
Initial Thoughts:
I've been sick the last few days, and haven't wanted to concentrate for very long. I saw this in the recommendations and thought that it might be good, or would help me fall asleep; so it's a win - win. Also, you can't go wrong with Christina Ricci.

I have to admit that I wasn't in the right mind while viewing this film. It was a bit confusing, is she dead, is she alive, why isn't she naked the whole movie?

Ricci is in a relationship with the I'm a Mac guy, but dies (maybe) suddenly in a car accident. Liam Neeson is a creepy mortician guiding her to the other side. Ricci contends that she's actually alive, but Neeson does his best to persuade her she's not.

On the table, Ricci reexamines her life and decides that what she really wants out of life is love. She continues to question Neeson, while continuing her war on clothing.

I'm a Mac guy also starts to question Ricci's death, and as you might imagine, this doesn't make his friends comfortable around him.

Neeson sorta lets slip a key piece of information at the final showdown, and both lives are never the same.

I should probably rewatch this now that I'm not delirious with the flu. If you find yourself at home with your girlfriend/wife and she wants to watch something without explosions, suggest this and I wait for your emails thanking me.


  1. Nice one! We just watched Real Steel last night. Turned out a lot better than we expected.

  2. A question for the ages... Haha great review.

  3. I liked this movie it wasnt to bad. Good actors also.

  4. i remember reading about this one, not sure if it's for me

  5. Cool blog concept. Followed.

  6. Just got finished watching it, a bit confusing, but good anyways.

  7. i watched this video just a few weeks ago and i thought it was pretty entertaining, a good way to pass time :)

  8. Never seen it, might check it out

  9. Good film! I hope there was a part II

  10. Hi, I'm a Mac.
    And *I'm* a dead girl!

    You really can't go wrong with Ricci, can you?